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Tampere, FI

Robotic Field Technology Engineer

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HIAB, a part of Cargotec, is looking for new talents to join its Autonomous Technologies team. The team addresses state-of-the-art research, develops and integrates smart autonomous technologies for the next generations of load handling products with considerations of productivity, safety, and eco-efficiency. The team extensively utilises science to overcome technical challenges for added value to our customers’ businesses. Our R&D work includes all the aspects of conceptual and detailed design, development, prototyping, testing, verification, and validation. The team’s goal is to equip our products with reliable high-performance robotic solutions built to perform. 


We are seeking a skilled and innovative Robotic Field Technology Engineer particularly in the realm of heavy-duty machinery and trucks. To be successful in this position you need to be technical-minded and hands-on. The area of work can consist of robotic or automotive mechatronic/hydraulic components and systems, sensors, communication networks and by-wires. In this role, you will play a pivotal part in the research, design and manufacturing of cutting-edge future robotics technologies. Your expertise will be instrumental in transforming concepts into tangible prototypes, contributing to the realisation of our ambitious goals in the future of load handling automation systems.


As a Robotic Field Technology Engineer, you will be working with a team of researchers and experts to integrate mechatronic components, such as perception and motion sensors and by-wires, with off-the-shelf or custom software modules into our systems. You will also be responsible for ensuring that the components are properly selected and can successfully pass field tests based on requirements.  You are also expected to foster a collaborative environment by sharing expertise, best practices, and lessons learned with team members. Contribute to the continuous improvement of R&D processes and methodologies, with a focus on addressing the unique challenges of heavy-duty applications.


In addition to your technical skills, you should have excellent problem-solving and communication skills, as well as a strong interest in working on complex, cutting-edge projects. If you are a skilled automotive electronics, mechatronics, mechanics, or hydraulics engineer with hands-on experience or a strong interest in heavy-duty machinery, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity to join our team at HIAB. We are welcoming you to work at the forefront of autonomous systems technology, contributing to groundbreaking innovations in heavy-duty applications in a collaborative and supportive work environment, where your contributions are valued and recognized.


Main tasks and responsibilities:



  • Prototyping and Development: Collaborate with the team to translate R&D concepts into functional prototypes, specifically targeting heavy-duty machinery and truck applications. Utilise your expertise in robotics and mechatronics to design solutions that meet the unique demands of these environments
  • Field Testing and Validation: Design and conduct field tests to evaluate the performance and reliability of autonomous systems prototypes in real-world heavy-duty settings, e.g. with respect to the ground truth. Collect and analyse data to drive iterative improvements, ensuring the robustness and efficiency of the team’s robotic platforms in challenging operating conditions. Contribution to the selection, testing, and Integration of mechatronic components, such as sensors and x-by-wires, into our systems
  • Hardware Selection and Integration: Integrate hardware components, sensors, and software systems to create cohesive and efficient robotic platforms for heavy-duty applications. Ensure seamless interaction between mechanical, hydraulics, electrical, and software subsystems, optimising performance and reliability
  • Troubleshooting and Optimization: Identify and resolve technical challenges encountered during prototype development and testing phases, with a focus on optimising performance, durability, and safety in heavy-duty environments
  • Documentation and Reporting: Document design iterations, test results, and technical specifications comprehensively, with a particular emphasis on truck-specific considerations. Prepare detailed reports and presentations to communicate findings and recommendations to stakeholders.


What you'll need to succeed:



  • Accomplishments and studies in relevant fields such as Hydraulics, Automotive, Electronics, Automation, and Robotics
  • Experience with major CAD/CAM/CAE tools (e.g., Creo, CATIA, Inventor, or SolidWorks) and automation tools
  • Experience with field testing methodologies and data analysis tools, with an ability to adapt testing procedures to suit heavy-duty operating conditions
  • Familiarity with motion sensors, vehicle communication networks (e.g., CAN, LAN), actuators, automotive, and hydraulics components as well as vehicle driveline, or x-by-wire components
  • Familiarity with software development for real-time systems, Model-Based Development (Matlab/Simulink) principles is a plus
  • Experience with hydraulics and pneumatics, especially hydraulic system design and implementation
  • Familiarity with middleware suites like Robot Operating System (ROS/ROS2) or Data Distribution Service (DDS) and Real-Time Publish Subscribe (RTPS) is a plus
  • Strong problem-solving abilities and a hands-on approach to technical challenges, with a keen interest in complex projects in mechatronics and robotic/AI systems
  • Proficiency in both verbal and written English, with proficiency in Finnish considered a plus.


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If you are interested in the position, please contact Dr. Juho Vihonen or Dr. Mohammad Aref


Hiab is part of Cargotec

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