Business:  Hiab
Job Function:  R&D

Tampere, FI

Robotic Control Engineer, Teleoperation

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Hiab, a part of Cargotec, is looking for new talents to join its Autonomous Technologies team. The team performs state-of-the-art research, develops and integrates smart autonomous technologies for the next generation load handling products with considerations of productivity, safety, and eco-efficiency. The team extensively utilises science to overcome technical challenges for added value to our customers’ businesses. Our R&D includes all the aspects from conceptual  to final design, development, safety, prototyping, testing, verification, and validation. The team’s goal is to equip our products with reliable high-performance robotic solutions built to perform. 

Safe, resource-efficient teleoperation of autonomous load handling equipment will address real-world complexities that our autonomy capability cannot cope with on its own. As a Robotic Teleoperation Engineer, you will assume responsibility for our team’s teleoperation capability development. You will play a central role in hardware choices, planning on and using teleoperations as part of our rollout of autonomous load handling equipment. Since we view autonomous load handling as a mobile manipulation problem, your duties will include making available both direct commanding of load handling functions plus higher-level supervision, providing instructions, approvals or corrections for the mobile base, and robotic manipulation actions. Real-time aspects, theoretically sound closed-loop control over the network, and cyber security are at the core, and you will work closely with Hiab's team of experts and external stakeholders. 

Requirements for this role include a Master or Doctoral degree in a related field, know-how on terrestrial mobile networks, private and virtual comms services, connectivity hardware, coding skills, experience with parallel compute/embedded software development, and strong problem-solving and communication skills. Knowledge of model-based design (Matlab/Simulink) in the domains of robotics and autonomous systems will help your collaboration within the team. Apply now for this exciting opportunity to join our team!


Main tasks and responsibilities:


  • Teleoperation development in our robotic software platform, e.g. developing TV-style operator views for off-board control of Hiab equipment, viewed as mobile manipulators 
  • Teleoperation development on the hardware level, from on-board high-bandwidth low-latency communication modems to remote control station engineering.
  • Contribution to design of autonomous systems software stack by utilising relevant tools such as: State Machines, Behaviour Trees.
  • Following systems engineering approach and guidelines for model-based design, verification and validation


What you'll need to succeed:


  • Cyber-secure over-the-air control of heavy-duty equipment viewed as mobile manipulators.
  • Having achievements in one of the relevant areas such as robotic manipulators, mobile robotics, nonlinear control of hydraulic systems, probabilistic systems, automotive, multi-body dynamics, passivity-based bi-lateral teleoperation control with guaranteed stability properties
  • Experience in real-world robotic or control solutions designed by Matlab/Simulink and utilised automatic Code Generation. 
  • Experience in real-time systems, C/C++ for embedded systems 
  • Experience on rapid (control) prototyping is a plus
  • Experience on nonlinear control of interconnected subsystems (to break down the overall complexity to the control problem of “system of individual subsystems”) is a plus 
  • Experience on QML based user interfaces are a plus
  • Familiarity with heavy-duty machinery or trucks is a plus.
  • Experience with ISO 26262, 21448, and ISO/SAE 21434  is a plus.
  • Strong interest in research and study of new topics in the field of safety for robotic and AI applications
  • Desire to work hands-on and demonstrate system performance by field tests, together with the team 
  • Analytical and problem-solving mindset
  • Highly proficient in verbal and written English


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Interested to join

If you are interested in the position, please contact Dr. Juho Vihonen or Dr. Mohammad Aref




Hiab is part of Cargotec

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Hiab is part of Cargotec. Cargotec's (Nasdaq Helsinki: CGCBV) sales in 2023 totalled approximately EUR 4.6 billion and it employs around 11,400 people.